Torque Management System
Gear & Speed Variator & Chain
Electric Motors
Power Electronic Drives

Power Electronic Drives



Servo Drive (TDE)

SDB: Brushless drive. A digital converter for sinusoida brushless motors with high dynamic response. 
DMBL: Brushless drive. Compact sizes and high dynamic derformances to cover the low torque industrial applications.
BitDrive: Brushless drive. Speciafically developed to meet demanding process control needs in the low power. 
DVET: Vector inverters for the control of three-phase asynchronous motors with feedback from speed sensors. 
DFNT: Frequency converters for the open loop control of three-phase asynchronous motors. 
DV s-m-l: New open loop vector inverter specially developed to meet demanding process control needs inthe low power from 0.25kW to 11kW. 

Servo Drive (LUST)


CDE/CDB3000: Positioning controller
CDD3000: Direct drive servo controller
CDF3000: 48V-servo controller

Frequency Inverter (LUST)

CDA3000: 0.75 kW to 132 kW
ED1200: Untra-simple inverter

High Speed Contol System (LUST)


CDD3000-HF: From 3 to 8 A/ 230 V and from 2.4 to 32 A/ 460 V with 1600 Hz rotating field frequency
CDS4000: 17 to 32 A/ 460 V mains feed 
CDA3000-HF: From 0.75 kW to 1.5 kW/ 230 V with 1700 Hz rotating field frequency and from 0.75 kW to 15 kW/ 460 V with 1700 Hz rotating field frequency 22 kW to 37 kW/ 460 V with 1000 Hz rotating field frequency



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