Torque Management System
Gear & Speed Variator & Chain
Electric Motors
Power Electronic Drives

Gear & Speed Variator & Chain


- Bevel Gear

- Cylindrical and Helical Gear

- Internal Gearing

- Splines and Serration
- Worm Gears


Speed Variator and Chain
- PIV Variable Speed Variator    
- Stainless-steel Planetary Gearhead   
- PIV Chain 


Bevel Gear

Angled and straight bevel gears / Spiral bevel gears with palloid- and cyclo-palloid-HPG-S tooth cutting.

Worm Gears

Whirled worm gears, milled worm gears, cround worm gears.

Cylindrical and Helical Gear

Cut-teeth, Flank-ground gears.

Splines and Serration

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Distribution Network


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