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Torque Limiter - Series 100

Features: Backlash free Torque Limiter for the sevo market 
Torque Range: 0.40Nm - 1,600Nm 
Bore Size  Up to 66mm

Torque Limiter - Series 200

Features: Proven, reliable design offering max. flexibility at an affordable price 
Torque Range: 0.56Nm - 565,000Nm

Torque Limiter - Series 300

Features: Compact, economical and robust backlash zero Torque Limiter for general industry 
Torque Range: 5Nm - 1,500Nm

Torque Limiter - Series 400

Features: High speed, high duty, advanced, free wheeling Torque Limiter 
Torque Range: 3Nm - 56,000Nm 
Bore Size  Up to 178mm 

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