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Variable-speed Gearboxes (Planetroll)

- Highest output torque from zero speed
- Variable-speed gearbox cannot slip through
- The ATEX variable-speed drive most interesting in price for explosion-proof zones 1 and 21, as combination with motor “explosion-proof” is sufficient ? motor with flameproof enclosure not necessary
- Expensive and complex external ATEX control for zones 1 and 21 not necessary
- Design conform to GMP, FDA and USDA-H1 standards
- Can also be supplied as silicone-free drive unit
- Applicable for low temperatures (special execution)
- Manual or electric remote control
- Microprocessor-operated speed control plarotronic®
- Compatible for field bus systems
- Torque meter plaroTorque®

Electronic speed control (Planetroll)

- Speed range: 1 to 1,200 rpm (50 Hz, without reduction gearbox)
- Power range: 0.18 to 11 kW (motor power)
- Temperature range: -20 to +115 °C (on variable-speed gearbox surface)
- Accuracy: Speed setting +/-2 rpm
- ATEX specification: Category 2, zones 1 and 21
- Input signals: Speed reference value 0..10 V or 0/4..20 mA
- Alarm signals: Block, Setting motor out of order
- Bus signals: Activation reference value, Checking alarm signals

Planetary Gearhead (Planetroll)

- Sizes: PD040 to PD155

- Torque range from 4 Nm to 435 Nm

- Ratios from 3:1 to 100:1

- Triple emergency stop torque

- Service life 20,000 h

- Low backlash

- High efficiency

- Adapted for intermittent and continuous operation

- Axial length compensation

- Configured for all mounting positions

- Maintenance-free by lifetime lubrication

- Simple motor mounting by clamping ring technology

- Short delivery times for standard series R1

Bevel gear units (ZAE)

- 6 sizes from 88 to 260 mm edge length

- 4 standard transmission ratios from 1:1 to 4:1

- Special transmission ratios upon request

- Drive torques up to 2,400 Nm

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